About Me & This Blog

Hey people, I’m Troy Feldman and welcome to my blog, OzToKorea! I am currently a Junior Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages major and Linguistics minor at SUNY Oswego and last year (Spring 2015), I studied abroad in South Korea at Seoul National University (SNU). The exchange program I participated in was conducted by Stony Brook University (SBU). When I went abroad, I was a recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, which granted me $3,000 to do whatever I wanted with in my program. I will discuss the Gilman scholarship in a future post. I also work as a Study Abroad Mentor (SAM) at the SUNY Oswego Office of International Education and Programs (OIEP).

This blog will be dedicated to all things study abroad, with a focus on South Korea. SUNY Oswego currently has two programs to South Korea at the same university, Kyungpook National University (KNU), or 경북대학교 (Kyungpook Dae Hakkyo). Students can apply to attend for one semester or for a summer program. However, there are many different programs SUNY-wide to various schools in South Korea that can cater to pretty much every major. I plan on updating this blog as often as possible with various content, from informational to opinion pieces to whatever else I can think of. Thanks for taking the time to read!

Next time: My experience abroad part 1…

Korean Word Lesson (KWL):
‘Hello’~ ‘안녕하세요’-‘안녕’~’annyeonghaseyo-annyeong’
*’안녕-annyeong’ is the informal version of ‘안녕하세요-annyeonghaseyo’*


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